A trademark is a symbol (an intellectual property) that assists users identify your brand/business. Entrepreneurs regularly use trademarks to identify the goods and services provided by them in the marketplace. There are different classifications of trademarks: a word, sound, logo, slogan, design, image, shape, letters, etc. Most often, you see the symbol(™) and R(®) with the brand name. Along these lines, it becomes significant to get the difference between TM (™) and R(®) symbols as it can help with picking the right one to showcase your image brand identity. There are no limitations on the placement of the ® symbol once you complete the trademark registration in India.

Applied Trademark Symbol: “TM”

When a trademark registration application is successfully filed with IP India in India, the owner of the mark can use the symbol next to his or her mark. It serves as a warning to infringers by indicating that trademark registration for a specific trademark is already under process. Companies may use the trademark superscript, TM, after text, images, or other information that they claim is theirs but has not been properly registered with a regulatory authority. Businesses will occasionally use TM to signify that it is their first use or that they have sought for registration. From a business standpoint, it implies that the person selling a product or service believes it has a distinct identity.

Registered Trademark Symbol: “®

The R sign indicates that the trademark has been registered successfully with the Indian Trademarks Registry. Once a trademark is registered, the owner of the mark has the exclusive right to use it to represent his or her goods or services. No one else would be able to use the mark without the trademark owner’s permission or licence. As a result, the ® symbol alerts others to the fact that the trademark has been registered.

This symbol indicates that the logo is protected by the Trademarks Act of 1999. Trademark registrations have a ten-year validity period, with the option to extend it through the renewal process. A person or business may be charged with trademark infringement if they use the registered name, logo, or symbol without the owner’s permission.