Limited Liability Partnership (Second Amendment) Rules, 2022

👉 1. There can be 5 Desiganted partners (without having DIN) at the time of Incorporation. (Earlier 2 was allowed)

👉 2. LLP Formation Process became web based Just like the SPICE Forms for Company formation.

👉 3. Directors Details can be fetched from Digi Locker Database.

👉 4. PAN TAN of LLP will be available along with LLP Incorporation similar to company.

👉 5. All Forms of LLP now became web based.

👉 6. Each and every change in LLP Deed will have to be marked in Form 3 with precise information.

👉 7. Web Based Form 9 Consent of Partners is implemented. Resultantly, all Designated Partners Digital Signatures will be required.

👉 8. Place of maintenance of Accounts other than Registered Office – Form 12 is notified.