Cancel of GST registration

Cancellation of GST enrollment basically implies that the citizen won’t be a GST registered individual any more. He won’t need to pay or collect GST or claim input tax credit and likewise, need not file GST returns.

GST registration can be cancelled for a variety of reasons In case of an registered individual’s death, their legal heir beneficiaries may appeal to for cancellation for their sake. When a GST registration is cancelled, a citizen is needed to record a return known as the final return.


Cancellation of GSTIN for migrated taxpayer

Every person who was registered under indirect tax laws had to mandatorily migrate to GST. Many such people might have not been responsible to be registered under GST. . For example, the threshold under VAT in most states was Rs.5 lakhs whereas it is Rs.20 lakh* under GST. Under gst they needed to ensure you are not making between state supplies since registration is compulsory for between state providers except for service providers.

Why a taxpayer cancel his registration

  • The business has been discontinued
  • Taxable person ceases to be liable to pay tax
  • There is a change in the constitution of the business and pan
  • A taxable person not liable any longer to be registered under GST act
  • Transfer of business on account of amalgamation, merger de-merger, sale, leased or otherwise

Steps for GST cancellation

  • Log in to the GST Portal and click the Cancellation of Provisional Registration
  • The Cancellation page opens.
  • Your GSTIN and name of business will show automatically.
  • You are required to give a reason for cancellation.
  • Fill up the details of authorized signatories, place. Finally, sign off with EVC if you are a proprietorship or a partnership. LLPs & Companies must mandatorily sign with DSC.
  • Then all the process has been completed.

Forms for cancellation GSTIN registration

The applicant must fill the GST REG- 16 for cancellation.