Post Incorporation Compliance for Private Limited Company

After the registration of Private Limited Company, There are some Mandatory compliance as per the Companies Act, 2013 to move commence the business and to run the startups . Let’s Learn about the post-incorporation formalities with ease According to the Companies Act, 2013. Below are the requirement you need to Comply within the specific time frame.

Mandatory Compliance:-

1. Opening bank account:-
Every company has to open a bank account after it’s incorporation.
Followings are the required documents to open bank a/c
a. Certificate of registration
b. MOM Copy
c. AOA Copy
d. Copy of PAN
e. Director KYC

2. Share capital to be deposited by the shareholders:-
All the shareholders of the company to deposit the respective share amount in the company Bank a/c.

3. Commencement of certificate (20A):-
Within 180 days, the company shall obtain a certificate of commencement of business. There is a requirement to file a disclosure made by the directors of the company stating that every subscriber has paid the amount due on the shares.

4. Board Resolution for appointment of Auditor:-
The first auditor shall be appointed by the Board of Directors (BOD) within 30 days from the time the company is incorporated.


2. Other Post Incorporation Compliance for Private Limited Company:-

GST Registration
MSME Registration
Shop & Establishment Act Registration
3. Year End Compliance:-

1. Income Tax Filing
Every company shall file their return of income within 6 month after the end of financial year.

2. Annual General Meeting(AGM)
Every company shall call and hold Annual General Meeting within 6 month from the end of financial year and in case of the first AGM it can be held within 9 month from the end of financial year.

3. ROC Compliance
Every company is under mandatory compliance to file their financial statement and annual return with respective ROC and in case of not filing delay filing of is lead to penalty and fine both.